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Outbreak: The Ecology of Infections Disease

Proposal for a six-part PBS science series
Independently Developed

OUTBREAK explores the evolutionary battle between humans and the microscopic pathogens that plague us. One of the great scientific endeavors of all time has been to unravel the complex ecologies of infectious disease. The proposed series is a guided tour through both historical and contemporary disease investigations, the natural history of microbial pathogens, our versatile and vulnerable immune system, and the public health defenses we have employed. OUTBREAK will bring the intrigue of scientific inquiry into the living rooms of millions of Americans and engage viewers in an epic biological story that is compelling, exciting and unforgettable.

Development phase funded by the Rockefeller Foundation

Executive Produced and Written by Michael Penland




OUTBREAK Flash Design - Proof of Concept

Independently developed

As part of the OUTBREAK development, strategic planning began for a website to accompany the broadcast series. As a proof of concept, Flash animation was used to design a 3D photo-gallery navigation system through which visitors could travel across the ecological interactions of infectious disease.

Each of the wireframes in the menu bar is designed as a portal to a different facet of the disease ecology story, providing photo and video galleries, narrative storytelling and visual graphics, and other educational resources through which visitors could direct their own exploration.

Development phase funded by the Rockefeller Foundation

Executive Produced and Written by Michael Penland



OUTBREAK Proof of Concept Website

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Gowanus Writing Workshop

Web Site Design

The Gowanus Writing Workshop was designed to help new and emerging writers to jumpstart their creative output. Embracing the philosophy that anyone can learn to write, the workshop built a supportive atmosphere where it was safe to take a single first step, or a major leap into the unknown. By promoting the craft of writing, nurturing imagination, and fostering risk-taking, writers were encouraged to develop their own unique voices. Along the way, an appreciation was gained of what it means to live the life of a writer.

Website Produced, Written and Photographed by Michael Penland

Gowanus Writing Workshop Website

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